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COMPTIA A+ Service Technician
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COMPTIA Network+  Certified 

     I retired from the  United States Coast Guard in 2000 after 22 years of service.  I enlisted in 1978 going up through the ranks as a Boatswain's Mate and eventually achieving the rank of Chief Warrant Officer (CWO)

During my time in the Coast Guard I attended boot camp at TRACEN Cape May. Upon graduation from basic training, I remained at TRACEN CAPE MAY as an instructor in Seamanship, Fire School and various other instructional duties. I advanced from the ranks of Seaman Apprentice to Bosun's Mate Second Class at Cape May. I was then transferred to the Coast Guard Cutter Reliance (WTR-615) in 1981. While stationed on the RELIANCE, I advanced to Bosun's Mate First Class with 3 years and 1 month of active duty. I was transferred from the RELIANCE to BASE GLOUCESTER CITY in 1982 where is worked at the boat house, CMAA, and Port Safety. I returned to Cape May in 1987 as a Company Commander, the Coast Guard equivalent to a Drill Sargent. I was then moved across base to Coast Guard Station Cape May with summertime duties as SARDET FORTESCUE supervisor. In 1991 upon learning I was advancing to the rank of Chief Petty Officer, I was transferred to the Coast Guard Cutter Gallatin (WMEC-721). I served there until tour completion. In 1994 I moved back to Cape May on board the Coast Guard Cutter HORNBEAN (WLB-394). I took my oath of office on board the HORNBEAM as a Chief Warrant Officer and shortly thereafter was transferred to the Coast Guard Cutter RED WOOD (WLM-685). The RED WOOD changed homeports from New London CT to Philadelphia and I was then transferred to Coast Guard Activities New York where I retired. I enjoyed my time in this fun and exiting service, but found I longed to be home with my family to be more involved with their lives.

I dabbled in computers on and off for almost 20 years while in the Coast Guard.  Along the way I picked up some web authoring skills. I found that the prices most places charge for web work is outrageous and unaffordable by the average person on non-profit organization. That is why I started Zaneys.com. I no longer actively pursue Web Projects  as my full time job, family and other activities take up a lot of my time. However if you would like me to work on a website for you,  CLICK HERE  to contact me.

     I hold the certifications you see pictured above as well as 2 Associates of Science Degrees. I have a general Associates of Science from Regents College (Now Excelsior College)  as well as an Associates in Computer Science Degree from Grantham College of Engineering.

     I am employed full time with Oracle Corporation as a Senior Technical Support Engineer.

 I am married with 4 kids and 2 grandkids.

I am a Certified Lay Speaker with the United Methodist Church. I attend the Audubon United Methodist Church where I have and continue to serve in various Laity positions.

I am also a member of the American Legion and former member of the Son's of the American Legion. I grew up in a very LEGION based family. My father was a past State Vice Commander in New Jersey.

  After many years of absence, I have returned to playing the guitar as well as now learning the Mountain Dulcimer. I am currently taking lessons in Classical Guitar. Be sure to check out my Musical Instruments page to see my growing collection.

My favorite thought about life is this:
"Yah gotta eat some tuna casserole once in a while to make that T-Bone steak taste better"